Dream Like Walt Disney

Dream Like Walt Disney

Bankruptcy is not the end of the world but a way to get a second lease on life without the burden of debt. It's can be an opportunity to live your life with optimism and happiness.

Though it may seem improbable to you, even if you file bankrupcy, you will not be restricted on how far you can go or what you can achieve in your life. Financial failures routinely give rise to greater success and opportunities.

Everyone, young or old smiles when Mickey Mouse is around. Enjoying a day at Disney World or Disney Land is everyone's dream. Did you know that Walt Disney himself got a fresh start in life through bankruptcy. When he returned from World War I after his job as an Ambulance driver, Walt Disney started an animation company with a friend. Soon he had to let his staff go and file for bankruptcy. With only $ 40 to his name he went to California with his brother Roy and started what was to become Walt Disney Studios.

If he had not filed for bankruptcy and started fresh, Walt Disney may never have been able to fulfill his vision of bringing joy and happiness to countless children and adults around the world.

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