Adidas Missteps Go Beyond Its Supply Chain

Adidas Missteps Go Beyond Its Supply Chain

 by Damion Rallis, Senior Research Associate

Last month, an eight-story garment factory building collapsed in Bangladesh, killing more than 1,100 people. The Rana Plaza factory collapse is not only the world's worst garment-industry disaster, but also a resounding wake-up call to the hazardous conditions present in apparel industry factories all across the developing world. As a direct response to the collapse, the Bangladeshi government has agreed to allow garment workers to form trade unions without permission from factory owners and raised workers' minimum wage. While it is hard to discern the ultimate effects of the factory collapse, it seems that the curtain has been thrown back on the so called "sausage factory", as the disturbing imagery of this disaster correlates with growing unease over how and where a significant majority of the retail industry produces its goods.

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