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Williams Mullen
New Jersey District Court Derails Plaintiffs’ Antitrust Claims in Ingenix Case

by James M. Burns In 2008, the New York Attorney General launched an investigation into the manner in which Ingenix, a data collection subsidiary of UnitedHealth that calculated "usual and customary" ("UCR") provider charges for...

Tags: antitrust
Thomas Fox
Evaluating Integration of the Compliance Function in Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

In an article in the most recent issue of the Houston Business Journal, entitled " Putting a partner through too many changes increases risk ", columnist Connie Barnaba discusses one of the risks often overlooked in a mergers and acquisitions...

Kevin M. LaCroix
MF Global, European Sovereign Debt and Risk

When MF Global filed for bankruptcy yesterday, it not only became the eighth largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. history . It also became the first U.S. company taken down by the troubles afflicting European sovereign debt. How big of a problem all...

Brian JM Quinn
Status Quo Bias And Lawyer Choices Re Incorporation

Carney and Shepard have a new paper, Lawyers, Ignorance, and the Dominance of Delaware Corporate Law , which seems intuitively correct. One reason why Delaware has been able to maitain its preeminent position with respect to the corporate law is that...

Doug Cornelius
Halloween and Compliance

A compliance professional can turn the fun and chaos of Halloween into a boring night on the study of procedure. Here, I'll prove it. Let's start with costumes. Have you imposed a "no costume = no candy" rule. Perhaps you merely...

Corporate and Securities Law Community Staff
Unlocking Stockholder Value with Spin-Offs

by Stephen I. Glover and R. McMillan Price Excerpt: Spin-offs and other business separation transactions have reemerged as a favored way for large, diversified companies to unlock stockholder value. This article provides an overview of the reasons...