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Marten Law: In Second Obama Term, Expect Significant Changes to Energy and Environmental Law

By Marten Law PLLC

Excerpt from the Commentary:

This Emerging Issues Analysis from Marten Law provides an overview of the major changes to energy and environmental laws that the Obama Administration is expected to advance in the next four years. There is already a backlog of pending legislation and proposed regulation to work through, and both environmental and industry groups will press for major reforms.

This is the first in a series of articles describing what our readers can expect to see during the second Obama administration. This article looks at the Clean Air Act, energy policy, clean water, wetlands, water resources, natural resources, hazardous waste, and chemical regulation.

Energy, the environment and the economy are intertwined in ways that will require constant balancing in the next four years. Marten Law will continue to explore, in greater depth, the key energy and environmental issues confronting the administration.

Marten Law PLLC is an environmental law firm advising companies and public agencies on some of the most challenging aspects of environmental, land use and natural resource legal matters. With experience in nearly every aspect of environmental law, the firm strives to help clients navigate the maze of federal, state and local regulations in order to resolve disputes and grow their business. Marten Law PLLC is a leading legal expert on climate change policy, lending content and ongoing commentary to LexisNexis' Environmental Law and Climate Change Center. The firm has offices in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. 

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