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Farms and the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA)
Posted on 16 Jun 2015 by Williams Mullen

By Jessica J.O. King Pursuant to the Clean Water Act’s Oil Spill Pollution, Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Rule (SPCC Rule) 1 , farmers and other oil storage and handling facilities are required to have an SPCC Plan to prevent oil... Read More

Why the Chesapeake Bay Matters to Midwestern Farmers
Posted on 5 Nov 2013 by Todd Janzen

I just returned from the American Bar Association's annual fall environmental conference. This year's conference was in Baltimore, at the north end of the Chesapeake Bay. Needless to say that the environmental condition of the bay and the controversy... Read More

Huge Manure Spill Fines: $120,000 Plus Surcharge
Posted on 28 May 2014 by Dianne Saxe

Two hog farming businesses and a Director must pay manure spill fines of $120,000, plus $30,000 victim fine surcharges, for discharging pig manure into the Thames River and Sweets Creek. The manure impaired the quality of water, contrary to the Ontario... Read More

Is Ethanol Causing Pollution of Our Streams?
Posted on 31 Dec 2013 by Todd Janzen

While watching CNBC during my usual workout routine, I heard a story about how President Obama's "Green Energy" policies had a dark side. The story specifically referred to the renewable fuels standard (or "RFS") requiring that... Read More

Farm Animals, Manure and Environmental Law
Posted on 26 Nov 2014 by Dianne Saxe

Here is the presentation by Meredith James on Farm Animals, Manure and Environmental Law for the Animal Law section of the OBA . The presentation focuses on the manure produced by farm animals. In particular, the presentation looks at how manure is... Read More

Problems in the Mississippi River are Flowing Upstream: Gulf Restoration Network v. EPA
Posted on 8 Oct 2013 by Todd Janzen

In 2008, various nonprofit environmental groups petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create rules to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in the Mississippi River Basin. The environmental groups argued that because of the massive... Read More

Indiana Ag Leadership Program Wrap Up
Posted on 14 Apr 2014 by Todd Janzen

The previous five posts chronicled my journey with the Indiana Agricultural Leadership program to The Netherlands, Belgium, and Liberia. From an agricultural standpoint, the contrast between northern Europe and West Africa could not be more extreme. Northern... Read More

Does Your Co-Op Own Your Farm Data?
Posted on 21 May 2015 by Todd Janzen

Recently I was asked this question: When a farm cooperative (a “co-op”) does work for a farmer and in the process generates agronomic data, does the co-op own that data or does the farmer? Many in the ag industry like to say “the farmer... Read More

Farm Bureau Data Privacy Poll Produces Some Interesting Results
Posted on 29 Jan 2015 by Todd Janzen

The American Farm Bureau Federation (Farm Bureau) recently polled over 2500 farmers about their concerns with data privacy and technology. Over 1000 of those surveyed indicated that they already use “precision technologies” on their farm,... Read More

Top 10 CAFO Violations
Posted on 16 Oct 2014 by Todd Janzen

David Letterman has his Top 10 list. Now the Indiana Department of Environment Management (IDEM) has its Top 10 list for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). These large livestock producers are primarily regulated through IDEM's confined... Read More

Co-op and Custom Applicators: Are You Addressing Farm Data in Your Contracts?
Posted on 19 May 2015 by Todd Janzen

Farmers will call up their local co-ops this year to help them fertilize and spray their fields. These sprayers-for-hire will be recording what they do, but what happens to that data after that point? Does the co-op have an obligation to provide that... Read More

Big Data on the Farm: Presentation to Indiana Farm Bureau
Posted on 10 Mar 2015 by Todd Janzen

My January 20, 2015 presentation to Indiana Farm Bureau's District Meeting can be found by clicking on the following link: Big Data on the Farm Don't forget to also check out American Farm Bureau Federation's Privacy and Security Principles... Read More

Agricultural Leadership is Hard Work
Posted on 29 Apr 2014 by Todd Janzen

During our Indiana Ag Leadership class trip to Liberia, West Africa recently, I saw something that has stuck with me since I arrived back in Indiana. At a United Nation's peacekeeping outpost in Ganta, Liberia--manned completely by Bangladeshi troops... Read More

A Closer Look at Farm Data Ownership
Posted on 4 Feb 2015 by Todd Janzen

A number of agriculture technology providers (ATPs) worked together recently to produce a document identifying core industry principles for data privacy and security on the farm. (Read the core principles document here: Privacy and Security Principles... Read More

The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy
Posted on 10 Apr 2014 by Todd Janzen

Our Indiana Ag Leadership trip to northern Europe included a visit to the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. The European Commission is the executive branch of the European Union (EU). One of the main topics of discussion was the Common Agricultural... Read More