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Immigration Law

Experts Address Canada-U.S. Immigration Trends at ABA Meeting in Vancouver, B.C.

Lee Rawles, ABA Journal, Feb. 4, 2018 - "Panelist Margaret Stock of Cascadia Cross Border Law Group in Anchorage, Alaska, applauded the Canadians “for thinking about how to swipe our U.S.-educated workforce and put them to work for Canada. It makes perfect sense.”  Stock, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Military Police, U.S. Army Reserve, won a genius grant fellowship in 2013 from the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for her work as an immigration attorney in shaping policies at the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security. She said she’s baffled that DACA holders have been placed in this position.  “The fact that the government wants to deport all these people who’ve been educated by the American taxpayer and are just getting ready to contribute to America makes no sense,” Stock said. “We have a huge worker shortage in the United States right now in this demographic, and we want to get rid of them at great expense to our government? The military would welcome this crowd if they would just give them green cards; the Army is having a dire shortage of qualified recruits right now.”  David Ware—founding partner of Metairie, Louisiana-based Ware Immigration, who also practices out of the firm’s Seattle office—agreed with Stock.  “Canada is eating our breakfast as far as stealing our talent goes, especially as far as IT talent,” Ware said. “And you’re going to see, going forward, IT moving largely to Canada because of their welcoming system rather than ours.” "

David Ware, founding partner of Metairie, Louisiana-based Ware Immigration.