ICE Return Policy Survey

ICE Return Policy Survey

Jessica Chicco, Trina Realmuto, Nunu Luo and Sean McMahon write:

"The National Immigration Project, Post-Deportation Human Rights Project, and NYU Immigrant Rights Clinic are gathering information in order to strengthen our arguments in support of stays of removal and for our advocacy for a better return policy, and we need a moment of your time.

One of the arguments DHS relies on when opposing stays of removal is the claim that a fairly straightforward policy exists to facilitate noncitizens’ return to the U.S. in these situations. In addition, many of you have had clients who have been removed from the U.S. while fighting their cases, and who have experienced considerable difficulty returning to the U.S. to attend hearings even with the current policy in place. 

We are trying to collect information about what clients actually experience when they try to return to the United States. Our goal is to understand what problems noncitizens face when trying to return, in an attempt to inform both our arguments in favor of stays of removal and for a better return policy. 

We would greatly appreciate if it you could take a minute to fill out this short survey regarding any cases you have had in which clients have tried to return to the U.S. The survey link is:

Thank you!

Jessica Chicco*, Trina Realmuto, Nunu Luo and Sean McMahon"

* Supervising Attorney

Post-Deportation Human Rights Project

Boston College Law School

885 Centre Street

Newton, MA 02459