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Immigration Law

AFL-CIO Recommends Administrative Action on Immigration

"As Republicans continue to abdicate their responsibility to the country by preventing a vote on comprehensive immigration reform (HR 15), families and communities across the country remain under siege.  In response to this ongoing tragedy, the Department of Homeland Security can and should take immediate steps to address the urgent needs of workers and immigrant communities.

These steps should provide an affirmative mechanism for relief that will permit community members to step out of the shadows without fear of government or employer retaliation, must stop sweeping individuals into the deportation pipeline who do not belong there according to the Administration’s own policies, must reform the enforcement and removal processes to stop criminalizing immigrant communities, must enforce DHS’ own procedures to ensure that enforcement will not interfere with workers’ rights, and must provide due process to those who find themselves in removal proceedings.

We thus recommend that DHS immediately take the following four interrelated steps and concrete actions..." - AFL-CIO