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Immigration Law

Preview of Today's Sup. Ct. Oral Argument in Hernández v. Mesa

Edith Roberts, SCOTUSblog, Feb. 21, 2017 - "Today the court returns from its February break to hear oral argument in ... Hernández v. Mesa, a case that stems from the cross-border shooting of a Mexican teenager by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.  Amy Howe previewed the case for this blog.  Another preview comes from Laurel Hopkins and Eugene Temchenko at Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute.  The George Washington Law Review’s On the Docket also previews Hernández, along with all the cases in the February sitting.  In USA Today, Richard Wolf reports on Hernández, remarking on its possible effect on already fraught “U.S.-Mexico relations.”  Additional coverage comes from Mark Sherman for the Associated Press, who observes that the “legal issues are different, but the Supreme Court case resembles the court battle over President Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from seven majority Muslim nations in at least one sense”: “Courts examining both issues are weighing whether foreigners can have their day in U.S. courts.”  David Gans in The New Republic argues that Hernández offers the court  “an important opportunity to reaffirm its core constitutional role of keeping the political branches in check, vindicating individual rights, and ensuring that no one is above the law,” and predicts that this “Supreme Court case will come down, as so many do, to Justice Anthony Kennedy.” "

[We will post a link to the transcript later this afternoon.]