Immigration Law

What I Saw at the Dilley, Texas, Immigrant Detention Center

Martin Garbus, The Nation, Mar. 26, 2019

"The detention center in Dilley is run by CoreCivic, a company that contributed $250,000 to President Trump’s inauguration. Another owner of detention centers, GEO, gave $225,000 to a Trump PAC prior to the election and an additional $250,000 to the inauguration. CoreCivic has a $1 billion contract with Homeland Security, a flourishing business, and a recent solid stock offering. Lost in all this talk of detention centers is the enormous profit that goes to these corporate Trump supporters who benefit from jailing immigrant mothers and children.

... Follow the money: There is no reason for these immigrants to be held other than racism and for the profit of the detention center owners.

... In my decades as a lawyer, the son of an illegal Jewish immigrant fleeing the pogroms of Poland, I have seen governments, ours and others, manhandle innocent victims. I saw the South African police brutalize demonstrators, including mothers with children. I saw Southerners in the civil-rights movement attack marchers. I saw Cesar Chavez’s members get beaten and shot at.

But what I saw in Dilley will stay with me forever."