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Suit says marriage licenses denied to undocumented immigrants

"The Southern Poverty Law Center on Wednesday filed a federal lawsuit against 55 Alabama counties, including Tuscaloosa County and others in West Alabama, alleging that they have denied undocumented immigrants marriage licenses." - Tuscaloosa News, Oct. 20, 2011 .

Alabama Immigration Law Gridlocks Licensing Process

"A catch-22 in Alabama’s immigration law may be preventing some legal immigrants from getting state licenses to work in a wide range of professions, from nursing to general contracting. The immigration law, passed in 2010, says that non-U.S. residents must be cleared through a federal database...

Alabama Immigration Law Asks Doctors For Their Papers

"Some Alabama physicians and physician assistants were surprised this week to receive a letter with a new demand from the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners: Show us your papers. Under the state's 2011 immigration law, these medical professionals are now required to prove they are U.S. citizens...