9th Annual Insurance Coverage Top Ten and Coverage for Dummies 2009 Special Report

9th Annual Insurance Coverage Top Ten and Coverage for Dummies 2009 Special Report

You're invited to access a FREE DOWNLOAD of "Thriller: 9th Annual Review of the Year’s Ten Most Significant Insurance Coverage Decisions” and the 2nd Annual “Coverage for Dummies” special report, an article that Sarah Damiani and I published in the December issue of Mealey's Litigation Report: Insurance. [For a copy of the article, click on the above link to create an account or sign on with your existing ILC log-on information.]

This year's Insurance Coverage Top 10 addresses a wide variety of concerns, including number of occurrences; “insurer v. insurer” litigation (in the context of the infrequently addressed issue of the prevailing insurer’s right to recover its attorney’s fees); adoption of a continuous trigger in a DNA exoneration case; trigger/pollution exclusion/business risk exclusion in Chinese drywall litigation; New Jersey’s schizophrenic duty to defend; intervention; fraud; the availability of coverage for attorney’s fees awarded to an underlying plaintiff for securing damages that were not themselves covered; Contractors Warranty Endorsements in the context of an insured’s failure to employ basic risk transfer measures; and applicability of the pollution exclusion.  

In addition, "Coverage for Dummies” is back for an encore. Starting with a case involving coverage for a Hooters franchise for sexual harassment claims by two female employees who were threatened with arrest if they did not strip naked in front of their manager, this section of our annual retrospective discusses nine other decisions from 2009 that best demonstrated the frailty and imperfection of the human brain.  

I hope that you find this year's edition enjoyable.

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