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Nordic Laws Toolbox

Nordic Laws Toolbox
Welcome to our Nordic Laws Toolbox, our collection of laws and legal analysis for the nations of this storied and resource-rich region. Please note that nations with an asterisk after their name are also members of the European Union and that you will want to visit our EU Laws Toolbox to determine what EU Directives or Regulations may apply.
New working in the region?  Our Guide to International Legal Research section on the European Continent may help you get started!
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     Åland Islands (Autonomous Province of Finland) (See Finland)
Visit LexisNexis Denmark for MORE on the laws of Denmark.  
      Faroe Islands (Autonomous Province of Denmark)
Visit our LexisNexis Finland website for MORE on the laws of Finland.     
      Greenland (Autonomous Constituent Country within the Kingdom of Denmark)
(See also Denmark)
Visit our LexisNexis Norway website for MORE on the laws of Norway.      
Visit our LexisNexis Sweden website for MORE on the laws of Sweden. 
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