International Law Sources Just Released!

International Law Sources Just Released!

Over the past year, a number of new international law sources have been released, increasing the depth and breadth of the international offerings on LexisNexis® products! The resources below highlight some of the more popular sources and recent additions to the global legal materials.

International Arbitration Resources
One particularly notable area of law which has expanded source offerings is International Arbitration. LexisNexis and JurisNet, LCC have joined forces to offer, exclusively through®, Juris Publishing's leading collection of over 30 international arbitration treatises, handbooks, case law and journals. (Please check the content listing on Lexis AdvanceTM for availability of sources.) 

  • International Arbitration Checklists, 2nd Ed.: A practical guide to the elements and stages of a successful international arbitration, written by the International Dispute Resolution Practice Group of Baker & McKenzie and others. 
  • Arbitration Clauses for International Contracts, 2nd Ed.: An indispensable guide to drafting successful international arbitration clauses. 
  • The Roster of International Arbitrators, 2nd Ed.: A directory of arbitrators organized by name, address, nationality, language, education and more than 110 areas of specialization. 
  • Swiss Arbitration Law Reports, and Mealey'sTM International Arbitration Reports and Newsbrief: Stay up to date on the latest and most important IA decisions 
  • American Review of International Arbitration, Stockholm International Arbitration Review and World Arbitration and Mediation Review: World-class IA journals providing timely and expert analysis on the latest decisions and issues. 
  • International Commercial Arbitration Practice, 21st Century Perspectives: An all-new IA treatise from Matthew Bender®, unique to LexisNexis, that covers ICA under different legal systems (civil, common and shari'a law), geographical & regional overviews, as well as industry, including oil & gas, telecommunications, mining, sports and many more.

In addition to these separate sources, there is a group file called All International Arbitration Materials. These sources are located at:
Legal > Area of Law by Topic > International Arbitration

Other Recent Releases: 

  • U.S. Naval War College International Law Studies Series: An 86+ volume set of essays, treatises and articles showing the development and practical application of international law principles in time of conflict and peace throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. 
  • International Business Planning: Law & Taxation: This practical Matthew Bender guide addresses the most common legal, tax and financial planning issues associated with international business transactions, with pertinent legislation and sample forms throughout the set. 
  • The New Europe: Impact of the Lisbon Treaty: Formally titled as the "Treaty Amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty Establishing the European Community," the Treaty of Lisbon attempts to move Europe further down the path of integration. This publication provides a gateway to the study of this complex and controversial treaty with special attention to its key provisions. 
  • The Supreme Court of Israel: These are the official translations of selected decisions of the Supreme Court of Israel, authorized by the Court, as published in the Selected Judgments of Israel and the Israel Law Reports, since 1948. 
  • The Guide to International Legal Research: An authoritative and comprehensive reference tool for law students and practitioners, designed to assist both novices and professionals with their international legal research. 
  • U.S. Customs & International Trade Guide, 2nd Edition: By Feller & McGrath, this publication is designed as a tool to help businesses make informed legal decisions about the products they import under the expanding and complex scope of rules governing international trade.

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