Comparing Your Law Firm (or Department) to Apple

Comparing Your Law Firm (or Department) to Apple


Most people, especially those outside the technology industry1, think very highly of Apple.

What would your law practice look like if your clients felt that way about you?

Some practices already get rave client reviews; these firms are proving to be tough competition. Yet I've heard senior attorneys claim that the "Apple standard" is too high a bar.

It's worth looking at this article from Forbes when considering this issue. They look at a company that is seeking to be, in their view, not the best but rather a bit better than their competitors, at least in terms of how their customers view them. Author Steve Denning doesn't think that's enough... and predicts trouble for that company down the road.

Whatever your view, it might be worth at least working through this question: What would it take for us to earn the same net approval score as Apple? Once you know the costs, then you can consider whether the benefits would likely outweigh the costs.2

The Apple comparison is particularly apt because Apple charges premium prices for its offerings... just like many law firms. Those prices aren't "too high," because customers are (gladly, willingly) paying them. For most buyers of Apple products, 1) price is an issue and 2) the perceived value overcomes price resistance. That's not always the case with clients, but it's true often enough to make the Apple comparison particularly interesting.

Take a look at Denning's piece in Forbes.

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1Not everyone who's had to interact with Apple as a business or technology partner feels as warmly as the general public. That may come with the territory; Microsoft, for example, is in a similar mixed-reviews position with its partners.

2Legal Project Management can help you deliver premium service to clients... without incurring premium costs to do so.