New Tool Allows Law Students to Learn about Top Law Schools when Narrowing Choices

New Tool Allows Law Students to Learn about Top Law Schools when Narrowing Choices

New York, NY, (May 3, 2011), the source for university ratings, rankings and reconnaissance, has unveiled two new and valuable services - Vault Honors Academy and My Admission Priorities (M.A.P) - to support students as they make among the most important decisions of their lives - choosing a college, university or graduate program.

"Our mission has always been to offer insightful career intelligence by providing applicants with the insider perspective and in-depth research needed to match themselves to the right school," said Vault CEO Claude Sheer. "At, we are relentless in our search for tools that improve the experience of current and prospective students who use our services to advance in their career path.  We feel these two tools do just that."

The Honors Academy recognizes the top 50 business, law and undergraduate schools as identified by students completing our annual school survey. This survey, together with contributions from our editors, compiles assessments of the institutions in six different categories: academics, social life, selectivity, career services, quality of life and diversity.

M.A.P. takes the Vault Honors Academy to the next level, allowing an applicant to personalize their school search based on the six assessment categories in the Vault survey. Vault took the last five years of survey feedback, and based on that body of data, created a tool which answers the essential question: Which is the best school based on my admission priorities? By simply moving the adjustable sliders up or down to indicate where each criteria ranks, the prospective student can rate each school according to her or his priorities.

"The ratings by students and alumni tell us which schools gave them the educational experience needed to succeed in their chosen career paths," said David Limm, education editor at  "Vault's M.A.P. is an invaluable tool that takes the Vault Honors Academy and personalizes the school selection process based on the candidate's own priorities.  It essentially allows them to answer the question, 'Which school is best for me?'"

The newest tools expand on Vault's commitment to providing the most relevant education content on the web, which includes school profiles, reviews, sample admission essays, admission essay services, career advice, a dedicated blog - Admit One: Vault's MBA, Law School and College Blog, two Twitter feeds (@VaultMBA and @VaultEntryLevel) and a Vault Education Facebook page.  In addition, over 1,100 universities and graduate schools provide 6 million students globally with access to Vault's online career library database. 

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