Reports Add Support For Observations On The Grown Of M&A-Related Litigation

Reports Add Support For Observations On The Grown Of M&A-Related Litigation

There seems to be a general consensus that the amount of M&A-related litigation is increasing. The question of how to quantify the increase has attracted quite a bit of attention lately. In a recent post, I previewed a forthcoming report from Cornerstone Research that will provide detailed statistic analysis of the M&A litigation phenomenon.

My post attracted considerable commentary, and also drew a communication from NERA Economic Consulting, which has released its own statistical analysis of M&A-related litigation, and which they shared with me.

In addition, this week I separately received from Ohio State University Law Professor Steven Davidoff a copy of the January 1, 2012 paper that he and Notre Dame Finance Professor Matthew Cain have written entitled "A Great Game: The Dynamics of State Competition and Litigation" (here), in which they analyze M&A related Litigation from 2005-2010., with particular attention to the question of whether or not there is now competition between the states for this type of corporate litigation. Davidoff should be familiar to many readers as The Deal Professor from the New York Times Dealbook blog.

These two reports add substantial additional quantitative and analytic support for the general observations surrounding the growth in M&A-related litigation. Both of these reports corroborate the explosive growth in M&A-related litigation in recent years. I examine both of these reports below, starting first with Professors Davidoff and Cain's analysis.

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