New PCLaw Version Helps Law Firms Better Manage Practices In Difficult Economic Times

New PCLaw Version Helps Law Firms Better Manage Practices In Difficult Economic Times

NEW YORK — LexisNexis® has announced the release of the newest version of its PCLaw™ practice management software. Developed based on feedback from private practice lawyers, new features of PCLaw 10 help firms run more efficient practices, build and maintain client trust and differentiate from competitors — important factors in the present economic environment.

Many firms face the challenge to accurately and efficiently manage physical items and records associated with client files such as wills, deeds, bonds and other related documents. Sophisticated systems used by large law firms are typically expensive or require specialized knowledge to set up and run. Therefore, smaller firms rely on a manual tracking or stand-alone electronic spreadsheet applications — neither of which link client information nor integrate with other practice management technologies. These practices are inefficient and elevate the risk of errors, lost physical files and missed connections between items, files and cases.

The new PCLaw Safe Custody and Physical Closed File management system addresses this situation by offering law firms the ability to electronically track, manage and associate physical items and records with their clients’ active and closed files. This ensures more cost-efficient records management while minimizing errors and mismanagement of client files. These processes are integrated with other aspects of a firm’s practice management functions for a smoother and more consistent workflow.

“By providing the integrated and automated horsepower of a large law firm records management system, PCLaw will help smaller law firms to not only manage their clients’ items more efficiently, but to also solidify trust with clients,” said Phil Livingston, LexisNexis senior vice president for Practice Management. “In addition, it offers them new ways to differentiate from other firms who may not have this capability.”

“One of the primary benefits for PCLaw is getting the bills out quickly,” said Lou Spence, office manager for Montgomery Willard LLC Law firm in Columbia, S.C. “I can generate an invoice quickly with just a few clicks and get it in the mail to get paid quicker by our clients. I don’t know of anybody that wouldn’t want their cash flow to improve.”

PCLaw billing and processing features ensure secure data, as well as reliable billing and transaction functionality for law firms, minimizing conflicts with clients over billing or payments while simultaneously helping build and maintain a foundation of trust. Because they are integrated with the rest of PCLaw, these processes become part of a smooth workflow for users at small law firms.

New billing and time tracking elements of PCLaw 10 include:

• Direct integration of research charges into firm billing. Charges for using online research tools such as® can now be auto-loaded into the law firm billing process within PCLaw. This saves time helps reduce errors in billing procedures.

• The integrated credit card processing within PCLaw is now compliant with the Payment Card Industry transaction standards set by VISA, ensuring that clients can completely trust a firm they are paying via credit card transactions.

• A new automated data backup capability enables firms to protect valuable information without interruption of billable work by enabling them to select and set pre-determined backup times and frequencies that avoid busy primary work hours or busy periods.

PCLaw is a fully integrated time, billing and accounting software solution tailored specifically for law firms. With more than 20 years of experience and a client base of more than 25,000 law firms, PCLaw is the leading practice management system for law firms with instant market recognition. Easy to use out of the box, PCLaw helps law firms capture more billable time, expedite their billing, manage trust accounting and manage their financial and client accounting.

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