OK, Mr. Prosecutor, Why Are You Punting on the Relevant Conduct?

OK, Mr. Prosecutor, Why Are You Punting on the Relevant Conduct?

Renzo Gadola, a UBS representative servicing U.S. customers, pled to "conspiring to urge one U.S. taxpayer not to disclose his secret Swiss bank account to the IRS." See my posts on Gadola here. I post a copy of the prosecutors' sentencing memorandum here. I only make one general comment -- the prosecutors are really helping Gadola get the lightest sentence possible. Readers can read the Sentencing Memoranda and perceive that it is a bit of a love fest between the prosecutors and Gadola.

I do have a specific comment about the tax loss which is generally the principal driver the Sentencing Guidelines calculations. Apparently, in the love est negotiations, the prosecutors and the defendant picked a U.S. client for whom there was a no tax loss. If that were all that were considered determining the base offense level, Gadola would be in striking distance for a light tap on the wrist in terms of sentencing, but the Government in its sentencing memorandum, here, says:

Pursuant to U.S.S.G. $ 181.8, the government has the obligation to inform the Court of loss suffered by the government from the defendant's uncharged conduct, even though the loss cannot be used in determining the advisory Guidelines sentence. As part of the IRS's Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative, twelve (12) U.S. customers disclosed to the Service their secret Swiss bank accounts that they used to conceal their assets and income and evade their taxes and that the defendant was one of the bankers who assisted them in their efforts. These taxpayers estimated that, collectively, they had undeclared assets valued at not less than $18 million and not more than $46 million. n2 The taxpayers estimated that their collective unreported income was at least $2 million......

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