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James M. Wilson, Jr.
James M. Wilson Jr. on the Recent Disclosures By Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac of Losses Attributable to Sub-Prime Mortgages and Allegations of Collusion to Inflate Appraisals

It now appears that the Federal National Mortgage Association ("Fannie Mae") and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation ("Freddie Mac") are subject to the same kind of bruising losses afflicting other large financial institutions...

Tags: Subprime
Robert M Jaworski
The Perfect Storm--Legal Issues Surrounding the Subprime Mortgage Lending Crisis

Robert M. Jaworski analyzes the "perfect storm" that has hit the subprime mortgage industry--including what caused the storm and what the effects of the storm have been. Mr. Jaworski writes: Speculation and fraud also played a part in this...

Tags: Subprime
Courtney Ingraffia Barton, Esq.
D'Onofrio v. SFX Sports Group: Literally Following the Rules in Rule 34(b)

Over a year ago, when we were all still discussing the new rules, the debate around Rule 34(b) was whether the "ordinarily maintained" language in that rule required production in native format with metadata intact. Since December 1, 2006, however...

Tags: E-Discovery
Guy D. Cecala
New Research Finds That Problem Mortgages Now Account for Significant Number of Home Listings

The ongoing mortgage crisis is rapidly reshaping home sale activity nationwide. According to a new Inside Mortgage Finance -sponsored study, a significant number of home sale listings are being triggered by problem or troubled mortgages. The study,...

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Oscar Marrero & Gabrielle Sigel
Emerging Issue-EPA Denies Clean Air Act Waiver for California's GHG Regulation for Motor Vehicles

In this Emerging Issues Commentary, Oscar Marrero and Gabrielle Sigel of Jenner & Block's Chicago office examine the Environmental Protection Agency's denial of California's request for a Clean Air Act (CAA) waiver, which was sought by...

Andrew J. Carboy
Tainted Toys from the People's Republic of China: Keeping Products Liability Litigation Inside U.S. Borders

The year 2007 will long be remembered as the year of the Chinese toy recall, as millions of toys from the People's Republic of China were pulled from the shelves of U.S. retailers when it was discovered the imports were contaminated with lead paint...