Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter (5/8/2014) – Father Who Claimed He Could Not Hold His Baby Will Miss Her While In Prison For Fraud

Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter (5/8/2014) – Father Who Claimed He Could Not Hold His Baby Will Miss Her While In Prison For Fraud


Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter – May 8, 2014

Father Who Claimed He Could Not Hold His Baby Will Miss Her While In Prison For Fraud (CA) – Chip Kyle Bolton has been sentenced to over eight years in prison for fraud. Bolton told a claims adjuster that a work injury prevented him from even holding his baby daughter, but he was filmed on that same day exercising on an elliptical machine and playing basketball at the YMCA. He also filed for and received welfare while he was receiving unemployment compensation benefits. The sentencing judge called him a perennial liar.   Read more

Workers’ Compensation Claimant Went Doctor Shopping For Oxycodone (OH) – Raymond Hutchison has pled guilty to workers’ compensation fraud for obtaining multiple narcotics from several physicians and multiple pharmacies in his claim. Hutchison obtained several overlapping prescriptions of Oxycodone from multiple physicians after signing a pain management agreement with his physician.   Read more

Montana Man With 11 Workers’ Compensation Claims Was Still Working (MT) – Gilbert Spinler has been charged with felony theft for working in remodeling construction while he was collecting disability benefits. During the past nine years, he had filed 11 claims for workers’ compensation benefits, including one claim when he said that a television fell on his head.   Read more

Cable Installer Blamed Pit Bull For Injury That Did Not Occur While Working (CA) – Dario Rudas-Ortega, who claimed that he was bitten by a pit bull and injured while working as a cable installer, has been charged with workers’ compensation fraud. Rudas-Ortega reported that he sustained an injury during the course of his employment when he was bitten by a pit bull on his hands and forearms, and he later said that he sustained a left knee injury during the same attack. He is alleged to have made false statements in support of his workers’ compensation claim and failed to have disclosed a prior medical condition.   Read more

Disabled Post Office Employee Worked At Salon and Sold Jewelry On the Side (MI) – Federal investigators are preparing to charge former postal employee Caprice Hughes with workers’ compensation fraud. Hughes was granted disability benefits for a work-related right arm injury that prevented her from lifting more than five pounds. Investigators, though, recorded audio and video of her working at a hair and nail salon with no apparent problems with her right arm. She was using her Facebook page to solicit new customers and was also selling jewelry at the salon.   Read more

Double-Dipper Ordered To Pay Restitution and Get Drug Intervention Treatment (OH) – Jack Barker has been ordered to pay $9,839.83 in restitution and complete Intervention in Lieu, a program designed to assist defendants with drug problems, after pleading guilty to workers’ compensation fraud and theft. Investigators received a confidential allegation that Barker was working while receiving disability benefits. Investigators found that he collected temporary total disability benefits while working as a driver for an excavation contractor.   Read more

Roofer Who Defrauded Homeowners Pleads Guilty To Felonies and Will Serve Time in Prison (NY) – Robert Decker, a roofer who stole thousands of dollars from homeowners by taking their money but failing to complete work on their homes, has pled guilty to theft, fraud, and offering a false instrument for filing. Despite being prohibited from operating as a home improvement contractor, Decker solicited customers and told them that that his roofing company, A+ Rated Contracting, was fully insured. In fact, the company did not have coverage for roofing, and often had no insurance coverage at all. After the contracts were signed and money was received, Decker left many jobs unfinished, and in some cases never performed any work whatsoever. He further admitted to filing false documents with the Town of Clifton Park, claiming that his roofing company was exempt from having workers’ compensation coverage.   Read more

Five Workers’ Compensation Claimants Indicted on Fraud Charges (TX) – Five Texas residents, in separate cases, have been indicted on workers’ compensation fraud-related charges. The claimants allegedly collected a combined $22,911 in benefits that they were not entitled to through double-dipping. Double-dipping happens when claimants collect benefits for being too injured to work when they are, in fact, gainfully employed. The claimants who were indicted, along with the amount in benefits they allegedly collected illegally from Texas Mutual Insurance Company: Abiel Sierra of Houston, $11,080; Ronnie Crecy of Fairfield, $3,971; Pablo Carrasco of Odessa, $3,585; Donnie Harris of Fort Worth, $2,756; Nicole Rowe of Waxahachie, $1,519.   Read more

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