California WCAB Seeks Candidates for Two Staff Attorney Positions

California WCAB Seeks Candidates for Two Staff Attorney Positions

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, Office of the Commissioners in San Francisco, seeks candidates to fill two full time permanent staff attorney vacancies:

Industrial Relations Counsel II   $6,347 - $8,141 salary plus benefits

Industrial Relations Counsel III $7,682 - $9,857 salary plus benefits

The duties for each position are as follows –

Industrial Relations Counsel II

Under the supervision of a Deputy Commissioner and at the direction of a Workers' Compensation Administrative Law Judge or Industrial Relations Counsel III or IV in the various units of the Appeals Board, the IRC II functions as a full journey-level attorney on the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board's legal staff.

The IRC II writes complex legal decisions at the direction of a panel of three commissioners in response to appeals from trial-level decisions in workers' compensation cases; performs legal research as necessary to resolve the issues presented; carries a full caseload consisting of complex and difficult cases, requiring detailed analysis of legal principles and precedents and their application to complex legal and administrative issues; prepares full and complete written decisions, which may include findings of fact and conclusions of law, supported by a legally adequate opinion which discusses both the evidence and applicable law; provides legal advice to the Board in the exercise of its appellate and judicial functions; consults with other WCAB staff and Board members concerning procedures and policy; may promote to IRC III when qualified and after demonstrating appropriate experience, skills and ability.

To qualify for this position you must have four years of experience in the practice of law with at least three of them in the labor law area and hopefully in workers compensation.

Industrial Relations Counsel III

Under the general direction of the Board Secretary or a Deputy Commissioner, and with broad discretion and independence, the Industrial Relations Counsel III functions at the highest level of expertise on the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board legal staff.

The IRC III writes legal decisions in the more sensitive, complex and difficult cases according to the outcome requested by panels of commissioners in response to appeals from trial-level decisions issued by workers’ compensation administrative law judges; serves as an expert legal resource, providing advice and recommendations to the commissioners; performs in-depth research in the new and emerging areas of the workers’ compensation laws and into non-workers’ compensation law, including  the Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Evidence Code, Business and Professions Code, Government Code, federal statutes and cases, and related precedential decisions; interprets new laws and rules based on detailed analysis of past legal principles and precedent and its application to new complex workers’ compensation laws; applies research to an individual case or prepares a memo to the commissioners with advice and recommendations as to the application of the research to particular cases; uses the research results and recommendations to provide policy and program direction to commissioners and staff as a whole; assists in the training of attorneys at lesser levels with regard to law, policy and procedures of the board, advises and guides new lower level attorneys in the handling of cases and legal problems, and may perform limited Deputy Commissioner duties in the absence of the supervising deputy.

The IRC III may draft en banc and significant panel decisions involving both novel and highly complex legal issues for review by the commissioners, discussion at judicial sessions, and eventual publication to the workers’ compensation community, and may include the follow-up appellate work (answer and appearance) if the Appeals Board decision is challenged in the Courts of Appeal. The IRC III may be given special assignments, including appearances before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court and prosecution of contempt and disciplinary proceedings. The IRC III may also conduct hearings as a pro tempore workers’ compensation judge as needed in the local district offices.

The IRC II and III must be available in the office continuously and on a daily basis to meet as needed with the commissioners and deputies in order to discuss and clarify issues in particular cases, review proposed drafts and decisions, and make modifications as requested or directed.  This process must all be conducted and concluded within the framework of statutory deadlines.

To qualify for this position you must have six years of experience in the practice of law with at least four of them in the labor law area and hopefully in workers compensation.

If you have only three years in the practice of law with two in labor law, you may also apply for the IRC I level, which will be considered under the appropriate circumstances.

If you are interested in either of these positions, and you may apply for both, please apply by completing the application at . Print the application form 678 and mail it by U. S. Mail to Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, POB 429459, San Francisco CA 94142-9459, Attn: Annette Gabrielli. You can also deliver the application in person at our office at 455 Golden Gate Avenue, 9th Floor, San Francisco CA 94102.

The Appeals Board will review the applications and schedule interviews for the best candidates to be conducted most likely in the end of July and early August. We must hire by October 1, 2014. If you are selected for an interview, you must take the “Attorney” on-line exam.  There is no separate exam for Industrial Relations Counsel.  To take the Attorney II exam go to, and to take the Attorney III exam go to Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Qualifications Assessment”, then click on “Continue” and follow the instructions to log in and take the exam. Upon completion you will immediately receive your results which you should print and bring to the interview.

If you have any questions, please contact Annette Gabrielli at 415 703 4554.

Source: California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board