"Uniform Names" for a Uniform System

"Uniform Names" for a Uniform System

New EAMS Optical Character Recognition documents will be available for use at "go – live" on 8.25.08. DWC will encourage use of these documents until mid-October at which time use of the documents will be mandatory. 

One major change in the filing of documents is use of the "uniform names" for claims administrators and representatives. Claims administrators are insurance carriers who self-administer claims, third party administrators and self-insured self-administered employers. Representatives are attorney and non-attorney representatives.

Complete All Forms Using Uniform Names:

When completing EAMS forms, all parties must enter their own uniform name if they are a claims administrator or a representative and they must also enter the correct uniform name for claims administrators or representatives in the case. If those parties are misidentified, or the uniform name is not correctly entered, the document will be accepted for filing, but when it is determined by the clerk that a party has been misidentified it will need to be corrected, which will take additional processing time.

Purpose of Uniform Names:

Standardizing entry of "uniform names" will ensure that all parties are associated to the appropriate case in EAMS. This uniform data base also promotes one of the primary goals of EAMS, which is to create a uniform system of workers' compensation practice in all 24 Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) district offices statewide.

DWC's Central Registration Unit for Uniform Names:

The DWC's "Central Registration Unit" (CRU) is responsible for assigning the "uniform names" to claims administrators and representatives. The "EAMS name" incorporates both the entity's name and location, such as Hanna Brophy Stockton, Zenith Pleasanton, Linda Atcherley San Diego, etc. (See proposed regulations 8 CCR  §§ 10210(f) & 10217(b).)

DWC's CRU will maintain a list of all uniform names. (8 CCR  §10210(f))  External users are able to access that list by clicking on the EAMS website at www.dwc.ca.gov/EAMS. All uniform names are posted at this site, in a searchable database and in downloadable format.

CRU will also keep track of a party's preferred method of service, such as mail, fax or email.

All Parties Should Check to Verify They are Registered

All claims administrators and representatives should click on the EAMS website and verify that they have been assigned a uniform name by CRU.

If a party is not in the database, they should register now by sending a letter on letterhead, with a signature from an authorized individual, to DWC's CRU:

The CRU's e-mail address is: cru@dir.ca.gov.

The CRU's fax number is: 1 (888) 822-9309.

If parties need to change or add new information to the CRU's list, they should fax or email their request to the CRU on letterhead with an authorized signature. In addition, they should advise all other parties in the case of the change or addition within 5 business days of the requested change. (See proposed reg. 8 CCR § 10217(b)(2)(A).)

Use of Uniform Names:

In addition to completing all EAMS forms using their "uniform names," parties might want to consider adding their "uniform name' to a variety of documents, such as office letterhead, business cards, and DWC sign-in sheets. This will promote consistency within the internal operations of the district offices and it will also assist in the transition to a standardized practice of workers' compensation law throughout the state.

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