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Mark A. Reinhalter
BRB Decision in Wheeler v. Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company

It would seem beyond peradventure that the term "compensation" in a statute such as the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act ( 33 U.S.C.S. § 901 et seq.) would have a well-established meaning. Indeed, the statute's definitional...

California Compensation Cases Staff
Cal. Comp. Cases February Advanced Postings 2/24/2010

Here's the fourth batch of advanced postings for Cal. Comp. Cases. Lexis.com subscribers can link to the cases. Hassan Chitsaz, Petitioner v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, Gregory T. Fisher, M.D., Republic Indemnity Insurance Company...

Richard M. Jacobsmeyer
California 6th District to Take a Stab at PD Rating Issues in Guzman Case

The 6th District Court of Appeal granted defendant's appeal in the Miltipitas Unified School District v W.C.A.B. (Guzman) case today. As I am sure everyone is aware, there are three pending petitions for writ of review in the Almaraz/Guzman and Ogilvie...

Jodi Ginsberg
Judge Orders Injured Worker to Allow Insurance Company to Examine His Computer

Last July, I wrote a post on this blog about how your Facebook profile could be used against you in your case. The Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation will allow defense counsel to introduce status updates and pictures to challenge your assertions...

Thomas A. Robinson
South Carolina Worker Recovers for Injuries Under "Bunkhouse" Rule

A migrant worker sustained a right ankle fracture when he fell on a wet sidewalk outside housing provided by his employer at a remote farm on St. Helena Island, South Carolina. The worker hadn't actually started work for the employer, having been...

Howard Stevens
A New World of Evidence in California

"We have shown the world that the new wave is here, it is present and it is ready to explode." - Ashton Kutcher, The American actor on being the first person to achieve one million followers on Twitter. "I agree completely with my son...