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White Paper: Best Practices for a Successful Digital Law Library

 Planning and onboarding tips for managing library change successfully

Significant library cost increases have prompted law librarians to take a close look at their collection management. In the face of mounting pressures, many have adopted new ways to manage resources—for example, reducing physical space requirements by migrating catalog titles to eBooks. 

  • Introducing a digital approach helps librarians manage cost while ensuring that books are up to date and accessible from anywhere.
  • Many readers appreciate eBook formats that make it easy to add notes, highlight text and even link from citations to statutes, cases, treatises and other materials.

However, even beneficial change can bring challenges related to technology, communication, training and user adoption—collectively, change management. Good planning and a clear onboarding process can help information professionals prevent issues, overcome challenges and drive a successful migration.

Over the past several years LexisNexis has worked with some of the largest law libraries in the world to implement and launch installations of LexisNexis® Digital Library. Each member of the team leading this work has 20-plus years of experience assisting legal publishing and research customers, including law librarians. LexisNexis Digital Library Engineers John Chatelaine and Damian Burns, as well as LexisNexis Solutions Consultant Franz Haux—have developed tips and best practices involving project planning, measurement and user engagement strategies.

Access the PDF to learn about best practices for a digital library transition.

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