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Case Study: Digital Library Best Practices: Engaging your attorneys with a transformative library solution

Law libraries are discovering innovative ways to meet attorneys’ mobile resource needs while increasing efficiency and simplifying workflow. 

At the large law firm Milbank Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP, the library team has been meeting this challenge with an emphasis on eBooks available via the LexisNexis® Digital Library. Milbank attorneys are accessing legal eBooks online from virtually anywhere. This firm's successful eBook deployment delivers enhanced library service amid cost challenges and space constraints.

Thanks to proactive efforts to build eBook usage across the firm, Milbank has seen a steady rise in digital library checkouts over the past four years. Now the firm is preparing to move to a new location and reduce its shelf space. To meet that challenge, the library team is making sure attorneys are aware of convenient digital library and eBook features.

  • Portability of books in the digital library is significantly better for lawyers who travel, bring books to court, read while commuting or use the firm’s law books at home.

  • Flexibility means users can access the digital library via browser from a laptop, desktop or mobile device or eReader.

  • Ease of use and security are part of the experience via the firm’s virtual private network.

  • Immediacy makes a difference for attorneys in remote offices, who don’t have to wait for hard-copy book shipments.

 In addition, the digital library helps the firm manage spending. “We’ve always bought extra print books so we would have them on hand in case someone needed one immediately,” said Paula Prudenti, associate director of library and information services for the firm “With eBooks, we can purchase them and have them available right away. We don’t have to purchase more than we need. We purchase just what we need.”

Prudenti recently shared a variety of insights on the firm’s library transformation, along with best practices for driving usage of a digital library and ways to improve library processes, including deskbook distribution.

Read the full case study here: Digital Library Best Practices: Engaging your attorneys with a transformative library solution

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