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The ADA at 25



            Sunday, July 26, 2015 marked the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The landmark statute has been termed the Emancipation Proclamation for individuals with disabilities.  According to DiMuro Ginsberg partner, Jonathan R. Mook, the ADA has significantly enhanced the ability of disabled individuals to participate fully in our society.  This particularly is true for persons with disabilities entering the workforce.  Employers no longer may reject disabled applicants because of unfounded stereotypes.  Employers also have a legal obligation to reasonably accommodate persons with disabilities in order to enable them to perform the job functions. 

            Additional comments by Jonathan about the expanded coverage of the statute under the ADA Amendments Act are included in an article by Dana Wilkie entitled “On 25th ADA Anniversary, the Milestones and Challenges,” which is found at

            Jonathan is the author of two legal treatises on the ADA:  ADA: Employee Rights & Employer Obligations and ADA: Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities, both published by LexisNexis.

You can view an excerpt about the application of the ADA to Wellness Programs from ADA: Employee Rights & Employer Obligations as well as an excerpt from regarding regarding telecommuting as a reasonable accommodation.