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You're Covered. This Handy Legal Resource Takes the "Tricks" out of Tricky Texas Insurance Disputes


The idea of insurance is pretty straightforward, right? An individual pays money to an insurance company, which in turn promises to compensate that person in the event something he or she owns is damaged or destroyed. Businesses pay insurance companies for similar reasons, but also for help when employees cause property or economic damages to third parties. Nonetheless, despite its seemingly simplistic nature, there's usually nothing simple about insurance. In Texas, insureds and insurers alike often are confronted with serious legal issues—disputes over what is and what is not covered by a policy; "bad faith" refusals to provide coverage; filing false or fraudulent claims for benefits; the ever-changing landscape of mandatory and minimum coverages for health, life and automobile coverage. It can be overwhelming, even for an experienced practitioner.

LexisNexis® is here to help. Introducing LexisNexis Practice Guide: New Appleman Texas Insurance Law—one of the latest additions to our expansive catalog at the LexisNexis Store. This handy single-volume resource is designed specifically for Texas attorneys and legal professionals in the insurance field. With an easy-to-read format, it provides step-by-step guidance on all phases of insurance coverage disputes, as well as forms, expert practice tips and strategies and trustworthy insights on applicable Texas Insurance Code sections and procedural rules—everything you need to build a strong case. Covering dozens of topics—including personal and commercial insurance lines; life, health, and disability insurance; and bad faith liability—this volume will quickly become your go-to resource when confronted with a tricky insurance matter. Brought to by LexisNexis—a worldwide leader in primary and secondary legal publications—this is an indispensable resource for Texas insurance professionals.

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