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Illinois Insurance Practitioners: This Resource is Like an Insurance Policy for Protecting Your Clients Interests


Homeowners and renters, health, life, vehicle, general liability, professional malpractice, disability, business interruption—even pets. The list of the types of insurance available today is endless. Practically everyone has more than one type of insurance, simply because we either want the protection it affords against economic or property loss, or because federal or state law makes it mandatory that we have it. Regardless of why we have it, the bigger, and often more troubling, question is: how do we make sure that insurance dos what we expect it to do? You wouldn't be the first person who found out that filing a claim and reaping insurance benefits is not always as easy as it sounds—or as easy as it should be!

In truth, there’s nothing simple about the seemingly simple world of insurance. Issues like coverage disputes, exclusionary clauses, claim denials and fraud can make an insured’s head spin. The angst can be even more acute for the attorney tasked with weaving a path to the goal: protecting their client’s interests—whether that client is a business or a neighbor. And sometimes that path is not easy to find or follow, and it’s loaded with pitfalls.

Let us help clear the path. LexisNexis® Practice Guide: New Appleman Illinois Insurance Law provides exhaustive and reliable practical guidance designed to help Illinois practitioners master insurance issues. This convenient, single-volume edition provides detailed practical guidance, practice tips, forms and robust analysis and discussion on dozens of topics, including lines of coverage, underwriting, coverage decisions and insurance litigation, with extensive references to Illinois statutes, regulations and court decisions. This indispensable resource for Illinois insurance practitioners and professionals is written by Carrie E. Cope, Esq., the president of Cope Ehlers, PC, and David Grassmick, Esq., a partner at Cope Ehlers, PC; and joined by Alfred C. Tartaglia, Esq., an experienced civil litigator and author, and brought to you by LexisNexis® and Matthew Bender®—worldwide leaders in primary and secondary legal publications.

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