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Why should I register as a community member?

Although you do not have to be a registered member to access much of the rich content of our communities, registration provides you with many benefits. As a registered member, you can:

  • Create your user profile;
  • Build your own personalized My Page;
  • Receive daily email alerts;
  • Receive our monthly newsletter.

How do I register?

On the home page of any of our communities, click on the Register Here! button on the right side of your screen. Create your own Sign In Name and Password and enter your email address. We will not publish your email address or provide it to any other entity. Your privacy is important to us! Then enter the Image Code you see on your screen, set your Time Zone, and click the Join Now! button. You are now registered for all of our communities.

How do I create my profile?

After you have registered, or whenever you are logged on to a community, click on the Account Settings link in the menu at the top of your screen, and then click on Profile Options. First, you can add an avatar or photo to your profile. You can upload an image from your computer or use one of our avatars. Next you can insert your biographical information in the Bio text box. You can type directly in the Bio text box, or you can paste text from Microsoft Word using the Paste from Word icon on the right of the text box menu bar. You can also add images to your Bio text using the green Insert Media icon on the text box menu bar. Additional information, such as the web site of your firm, the URL of your own Blog, or a public email address to contact you, can be added in Common Profile Options.

What is My Page?

Registered members may create their own personalized My Page that provides content from more than one of our communities. For example, although your practice focus might be directed towards the Environmental Law and Climate Change Community, you may also want the content from the News, Blogs, and Emerging Issues segments of our Corporate, Insurance, and Real Estate Law communities. When you click on the "My Page" link at the top of any Community page, your personalized My Page can deliver to you all of the relevant content from each of the communities. Content from the last five days will appear on your Page. In addition, you can chose to receive daily email alerts of the new content that is added to your My Page.

How do I create My Page?

Select a community that has content that you want to add to you’re my Community Page. Click on the Add Content to My Page button in the left column and select the content types for that community that interest you. Then select another community that has content that you want and follow the same procedure. As you select the content types from each community, they are automatically added to your My Page. If you should later decide that you want to remove a content type from you’re My Community Page, simply navigate to that community, select Add Content to My Page, and uncheck the content type that you want to delete.

How do I sign up to receive Email Alerts and your monthly Newsletter?

Click on the Account Settings link in the menu at the top of your screen, click on Site Options, and scroll down to Email Configuration. Click Yes on Receive Emails, and if you want HTML emails, click Yes for Receive HTML Emails. If you want to receive daily alerts of content that has been added to the content segments of you’re My Community Page, click Yes for Send Notifications.

What is News?

News offers a daily compilation of national and global stories that are important to the legal industry, provided by sources that include the Law360 and Mealey's Litigation News, among others. News contains fee based content. 

What are Blogs and Top Blogs?

The Practice Area Blogs provide a free forum to discuss and present thoughts and ideas pertaining to legal scholarship, practice and news. Read expert insights on the law, share personal commentary, ask questions or comment on a posting. Top Blogs contain the most prominent, readable, and useful blogs pertaining to the subject of the particular Law Center on which they are featured. Most are created by legal and other professionals in a wide array of disciplines and represent the upper echelon of the legal blogosphere. Top Blogs is a free service.

What are Podcasts?

Podcasts contain free audio content on significant legal developments and interviews with industry experts, commentary authors and leading practitioners. Hear broadcasts of the hottest news and case activity on a host of subjects, along with discussions involving attorneys, business professionals and government officials. Podcasts can be downloaded directly from the Practice Area Communities or through a favorite service, such as iTunes.

What are Videocasts?

Videocasts offer free video content on significant legal developments and interviews with industry experts, commentary authors and leading practitioners. Watch videos from various events, seminars, lectures and interviews with attorneys, business professionals and government officials..

What are Emerging Issues?

Emerging Issues includes the Practice Area Commentaries, which cover the most important and rapidly emerging legal issues today. Attorneys practicing in the field provide expert guidance while examining a wide range of recent cases, regulations, trends, and developments. Practice Area Commentaries examine national, state and international issues and offer expert insight in important areas and legal developments. Practice Area Commentaries contains fee based content. Emerging Issues also includes Articles Powered by Martindale, which offers attorney insights into decisional law, commentary on new statutes and regulations and other professional developments. Written by prominent attorneys, Martindale Articles offer substantive stories, including professional perspectives and practical analysis. Articles Powered by Martindale contains fee based content.

What are Top Cases?

Top Cases includes the hottest legal opinions in each of the Practice Areas as selected by attorneys on the Law Center staff. subscribers can access enhanced opinions containing links to briefs, cases, statues, and commentaries, among other enhancements. Non-subscribers can access free, unenhanced U.S. Supreme Court cases from 1781 to present, as well as a federal and state cases decided within the last ten years. Some jurisdictions are unavailable through Free Case Law.

What are Top Stories?

Top Stories offers the most relevant and topical content from each Practice Area, drawing on a vast array of offerings to highlight important developments, including noteworthy cases, significant news stories, and key legislative events.

What is the Contributor Spotlight?

The Contributor Spotlight highlights practice area community members who area recognized experts in their field and have contributed important and insightful material to the practice area community or have authored practice materials for LexisNexis. Members were formerly recognized in the Meet Me campaign and featured in the Meet Me banner at the top of the former practice area community pages.

How do I search across or within the various practice area communities?

Search across or within the practice area communities by using the search box at the top of the practice area community. Select the Communities tab and enter your search terms in the search box. You can expand or narrow your practice area communities search by clicking the link immediately below the search box.

What is the Lexis Web?

Lexis Web is only search engine that delivers free web content specifically from legal sites that are validated by LexisNexis attorney editors for faster research and more relevant results.

What is the LexisNexis Store?

The LexisNexis Store provides fast and easy access to purchase LexisNexis products, including from the product lines of the Matthew Bender, Michie, Shepard’s, and Anderson publishing units.

Who do I contact with questions about the LexisNexisCommunities?

Please click the Contact Us link in the top or bottom menu of the practice area community page and provide us with your question and your contact information.