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Welcome to the new Forum! Tip - Setting a Quantity Multiplier to bill Photocopies, etc.

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Cindy Emmerson Posted: Wed, Jun 21 2006 3:14 AM

For those firms manually tracking copies, facsimiles, etc., you can set a quantity multiplier for that explanation code so all you need to enter in PCLaw is the actual quantity – PCLaw will then perform the multiplication. This is useful for those firms that still keep a “log” file next to the copier.  Two steps are required to set this up. 


First go to the Options pull-down menu, System Settings.  (NOTE: You will need Admin rights in PCLaw to access this area).  Select the Data Entry tab, at the top right, put a check in the box labeled “Use Quantity x Rate Entries”, click OK to save.


Next you need to set the multiplication factor for the specific explanation code.  I’ll use photocopies as an example.  Select the Options pull-down menu | Lists | Explanation Codes.  Locate the Code for Photocopies, the default nickname is “ph”, and click Change on the right.  At the lower left section of the screen, put a check in the box labeled “Use Quantity x Rate Entries” and set the value for the per copy charge, such as .25.  Review the Options section relating to Summarization.  If you want to present one summary total to the client, select the last setting to Always Summarize.  This will give you full detail on the Client Ledger but present one total on the invoice.  Click OK to save this change and then OK to save the master list.


Now when you enter the charge through Expense Recovery and use the Explanation Code PH, a Quantity Calculation box will present.  Enter the quantity and PCLaw will do the math!   You will notice a check mark in a box labeled “Show Quantity x Rate in Explanation”.  If left checked and you changed the Summary options as suggested above, you will see full detail of Quantity x Rate on the Client Ledger but a summary total for all of the charges on the invoice.  If you uncheck the box, the client will still see a summary total but you will only see the total amount of each charge on the Client Ledger.

Cindy Emmerson, Premier CIC/Moderator Affinity Consulting Group

Ph: 727-544-5400



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