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Thomas L. Rowe, Esq. (Tom) Posted: Mon, Jun 26 2006 10:53 PM | Locked


Welcome to the CIC Solutions Forums for LexisNexis Practice Management (LNPM) software applications.

  • The mission of the CIC Forums is to focus on "tailoring the LexisNexis Practice Management applications to individual needs and developing specialized solutions." You can find this in the General Information and Protocols (GIP), which has been reprinted below for your convenience.

  • The CIC Solutions Forums *ARE NOT* the official support forums for LNPM products. See the FAQ below for ways to officially contact LexisNexis for Practice Management application support.

  • These forums were created and are run by the LNPM Certified Independent Consultants (CICs).

  • LexisNexis provides the infrastructure to host the forums, but does not participate in the management or moderation of the forums.

  • The forums are fully run and maintained by VOLUNTEER CICs who freely give their time and effort to create a positive, constructive environment in which Time Matters, Billing Matters, World Server, PCLaw and HotDocs solutions can be discussed and made available as a searchable archive.

  • The most common reason for rejecting posts is the failure to include your full name, firm, city and/or state. By including name, firm name, city and state, we all know a little bit about each other that can be helpful in providing answers. You should edit your Bio, or include an automatic signature, with each of your posts. This can be done by pressing the Signed in as [your name] link in the upper right hand corner of the Forum. See the FAQ below for more about rejections.

  • If one of your posts is rejected, please do not take it personally. We are simply doing our best to carry out our mission. Simply make the suggested changes and re-post.



Q: If this isn't an official LexisNexis Support Forum, how do I communicate with the LexisNexis about their Practice Management applications?

A: Depending on your need:

Time Matters/Billing Matters/World Server:

  • To tell Time Matters about a good new idea for the program, send your request to  All requests are given serious consideration on a regular basis by the Time Matters and Billing Matters development team and are critical to the products' development.

  • For Time Matters customer service or technical support, call 800-328-2898 or 919-467-1221.

  • To provide other feedback or to contact Time Matters in general, go here.

  • For PCLaw customer service or technical support, call 1-800-387-9785 or 416-497-8400 option 1 (800 number does
    not work in Toronto).

  • To provide other feedback or to contact PCLaw in general, go here.

  • Additional Contact options can be found here.


  • For HotDocs installation and operation assistance 24 hours a day – 7 days a week
    call (800) 223-5297

Q: How do I first Search the Archives to see if my question has been previously asked and answered?

A: Use the Search feature found in the upper right hand corner of the Forum.

Q: Where are all the posts from the old forums for Time Matters, Billing Matters and World Server?

The archives of questions and answers from the old Solutions Forum are very valuable. We are working hard to make them available online and will post an announcement with how-to instructions just as soon as we can. You can save yourself a lot of time by checking these archives before posting a question here.

Q: I am confused. How do I use these new forums?

A: Click on the Help link in the upper right corner. It provides instructions for the rich new features of the CIC Solutions Forums.

Q: I understand that most people read the Forum posts on the Web, but I would like to receive answers to my questions via Email. How do I do that?

A: We recommend the use of the web interface and RSS News Readers. This type of forum software is not designed to let you fully interact using email, but does let you receive email notices of posts that might be of interest to you. You have three options for receiving email:

  • Subscribe to one or more Forums

  • Subscribe to any "thread" (a post and all its replies)

  • Receive notifications of replies to my posts

You can choose any or all of these options. To make them work, first be sure you are set to Receive Email:

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner of the Forum.

  • Click on your Email tab.

  • Select Yes for Receive Emails

  • Press Save Changes.

To receive all posts from a Forum:

  • Click on the Forum, e.g., Time Matters.

  • Click on the Forum Options buttons in the bottom left corner.

  • In Send Email, select: when new posts are added in this forum

To subscribe to a thread:

  • Open a thread by clicking on it in a Forum.

  • Click on Enable Email Subscription in the top left.

To receive notifications of replies to my posts:

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner of the Forum.

  • Click on your Email tab.

  • Select Yes for Enable Email Notifications...

  • Press Save Changes.

Q: Generally, what types of questions are appropriate for each of the three CIC Solution Forums?

A: In general, any request for advice on how to apply a feature of a LNPM product to effect a solution to a particular task, stated in a factual manner - *just* the facts.

Q: What will cause a post to be rejected?

A: The most common rejections are:

  • Any posts that are anonymous. You will be required to either enhance your Bio, or add a signature line, with your full name, firm name, city and state/province.

  • Questions relating to LNPM technical support, sales and pricing, business practices, customer service, or technical support policies.

  • Posts that lobby for non-existent features or program modifications, or contain editorializing, broad qualitative comments, customer complaints.

Q: Where can I read about the forum rules?

A: The forums' General Information and Protocols are posted in the Time Matters Service Center here  (log in required).


As CICs who moderate this forum, our role is to help you excel in your use of the LNPM applications and thereby maximize the benefits for your practice. We VOLUNTEER to moderate this positive, problem solving forum because we recognize the value of the goodwill that we may create, as we apply our extensive Time Matters, Billing Matters, World Server, PCLaw and HotDocs experience, when we help solve a problem in your office. It is important that you understand where CICs on these forums (and the other forum members) can help and where to go for assistance when we can not properly assist you through this forum.

The following Top Ten List may be used as a guide as you post to the forum.

The CIC Solutions Forum CAN HELP you if your post:

  1. asks how you can save time by applying LNPM application features

  2. asks how to better manage your practice by applying LNPM application features

  3. asks how to best configure your LNPM application features to your unique operating environment

  4. asks how to customize fields, document templates, automatic records, reports, and othe features of the LNPM applications

  5. asks for guidance on training and becoming proficient with LNPM applications

To avoid potential frustration, let us remind you of the most common REASONS FOR REJECTION:

The CIC Solutions Forums CANNOT HELP if your post doesn't adhere to the list protocol, and:

  1. you neglected to identify your name, city and state

  2. your request requires program technical support

  3. your post includes broad editorial comments

  4. the post is a request or lobby for new features

  5. the post involves sales, pricing, customer or technical support policies of LNPM (over which CICs exercise zero control)


Will be posted at some point in the future.

Thomas L. Rowe, Esq. (Tom)
CIC/Forum Administrator
For Time Matters information, Utilities and Practice Area Templates, visit us at: OTB Consulting

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To see all the posts in any forum, please do the following:
  1. Click on "Forums" in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on the the name of the Forum.
  3. Scroll down to see the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on the button: Forum Options
  5. In the Date Filter field, select: Show All
  6. Click the button: Show All
By default, each forum displays only posts that are newer than 2 months. Change the setting on each of the forums in order to see all the posts. You can also find posts using the Search box, searching one forum or all forums.

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