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William Rambaum Posted: Tue, Jun 27 2006 5:05 PM
In a "record" such as an event or document record, there is a box entitled "billable" that you can check off or not.  What is the significance of it?  It doesn't seem to do anything.  If it is checked off, it doesn't automatically bring up a billing screen, you still have to go to processing and "send it to billing".  Alternatively, if it isn't checked off, it doesn't seem to prevent you from sending the item to billing either.  So what does it do?
Bill Rambaum
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You are right that the Billable checkbox available on most record types does not automatically do anything. It is a highly useful field for a variety of purposes in both Time Matters and Billing Matters.

Time Matters works with both Billing Matters and with other billing software. I encourage my clients who keep time to enter full descriptions in the Memo field of Event records and send each one to billing as they go. But some prefer other approaches. They delegate the process of sending records to billing. They check the Billable checkbox on records that are ready to be sent to Billing. A Quick Tab is used to filter records that have Billable checked and Sent Date is Blank. That makes it easy to tag and send all the unbilled records on a list.

It may also be useful to have a Quick Tab that filters for records with particular Classification Codes that are likely to be billable, but have not been checked Billable. The significance of capturing even one in twenty missed records is financially very significant.

Wells Anderson, JD, CIC / Moderator
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In addition to Wells' suggestions regarding the use of the billable check box, you can also use it as the basis of a trigger, which would initiate one or more additional actions, one of which presumably would be to open up a new billing record.


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