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TIP - Make the PCLaw Matter Manager your best friend!

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Debbie Foster Posted: Wed, Jul 5 2006 4:20 AM

Welcome everyone!

In PCLaw, the Matter Manager is great way to see exactly what is happening with any matter.  you can get to it from the File Menu, by clicking on the Scales of Justice icon on the toolbar, or by clicking the large, always present button at the bottom of the Quick Step.

The Summary tab of the Matter Manager will tell you what is happening from a financial standpoint - things like if the client owes you money, if there are any unbilled time or cost entries, if they have money in trust, the last time they were billed, and much more. The best part is that all those "buttons" are just that - Buttons!  If the client has an A/R balance and you click on the button where the dollar amount displays, PCLaw will take you to a list of invoices created for that matter, and show you which ones are not paid.  If they have unbilled time, you can click that button and see all time entries and fee entries that have not yet showed up on a get the picture!

Also, in Matter Manager, you can see events, documents, contacts, phone call info and emails if you are using the practice management features of PCLaw.  You can also add Custom Tabs to keep track of additional information related to that matter.

Play around with the Matter Manager, you will be glad you did!

Debbie Foster
InTouch Legal

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