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Check vouchers

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Duy Thai Posted: Sun, Jul 9 2006 11:43 AM
How do I have the payee's name and check date printed on the check vouchers?  I've looked under all check profiles and there don't seem to be any options for these.  I tried to look under check layout and received a message box that "Standard reports cannot be changed."

Also, though I selected a check profile to print only 1 voucher, I get a "Total Amount Paid" line on the second voucher.  How do I prevent this? 

Many thanks.

Duy Thai San Francisco TM/BM+
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In order to have the payee's name and check date on the voucher you will need to create a new check layout. From the Check layout list, click on the plus sign. Highlight the layout you want to copy for your new one and click on ok. Then go to the voucher header and expand the section. Click into this section and then change the selection criteria on the right side to be "this check". You can then add the fields to the voucher.

With regard to the line on the second voucher the first thing to look at is how many lines are on the first voucher. If you are "over flowing" the area, this could happen. Check your check profile and make sure you have it set as "One Check, One Voucher Per page" and  only "Print Voucher 1" is checked. Also take a look at what is marked under "If AP items do not fit on the voucher".


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Duy Thai replied on Wed, Jul 12 2006 10:59 AM
Caren, thanks.  That worked.  The key to solving the "overrun" was to use the check profile with 2 vouchers and deselect printing of voucher 2.  Using the check profile with 1 voucher meant that the two vouchers would be treated as one, with the info spread over both.  (In case anyone else had this issue)
Duy Thai San Francisco TM/BM+
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