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Palm Hotsync Question

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On another forum I follow someone asked if the TMBilling conduit comes with a built in timer.  The reason asked was to determine what exactly syncs through the conduit or whether it is also a mini-BillingMatters type program for Palm. 

John Lorentz
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Time Matters adds two applications onto the Palm, TM Matters and TM Billing.  (It uses the Palm applications for contacts, events, todo's, and notes.) 

TM Billing lets you enter billing records on the Palm, using lookups to the contact, matter, and bill code lists to fill those fields, which are then sent to Time Matters when the Palm is sync'd, i.e., they are deleted from the Palm and no records from Time Matters are sent to the Palm.  It's a remote time and expense entry device. 

The benefit is that you can enter time while you're out of the office or otherwise don't have access to your Time Matters database.  It's great for capturing time that would otherwise be lost because you forget to enter it. 

I normally enter a very detailed description into my billing records, but I usually don't take the time to enter a lot of detail on the Palm because it's slower than doing so on my computer.  I just get the basics (matter, duration, and short description), then supplement it after I sync it and review the time for the day in the Timesheet. 

There is no timer built into it, but you can forward that suggestion to


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