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How to map a HD True-False variable in TM

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Martina Donagher Posted: Tue, Sep 5 2006 5:35 PM


I have a True/False variable in HotDocs (with a Yes/No answer) and I want to customise a field in Time Matters to map this variable.  Should I customise this field so that it is a checkbox that gets ticked if the answer is true, or should I use a dropdown list to choose True or False?  In this case, a checkbox would be preferrable so that the user only has to tick it when the answer is true, as opposed to a dropdown field, in which case the user has to fill in one or the other. 

The reason I ask is that I think I had problems before trying to get Time Matters to figure out that an unticked checkbox means "False".


Martina Donagher,

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I have used checkboxes in Time Matters mapped to a true/false variable in HotDocs.  I told the true/false variable that it is defaulted to false.  Therefore, if the box is not checked in Time Matters it will automatically be false but if it is checked it will change it to true.

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