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How to automatically fill in a field

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Rob Goldstein Posted: Sun, Feb 11 2007 11:05 PM

I would like to create a trigger (I think this is the tool I would use to accomplish this) to automatically fill in the time code on a slip when it is opened.  It is the same time code for each slip, I have tried to create the trigger but can't figure how to make it work. 




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If you are using other records as a reference for the billing, i.e. Events, To Dos, Phone, Email etc, you can link their Classification Codes to the Default Bill Code. So if you are using this method, the Event (or other Time Matters record) you can use the Send to Billing button located on the toolbar of the record. The Add Bill Record form will open, the Bill Record description is inherited based upon your program settings and the Bill Code is automatically assigned. If you are not billing from other Time Matters records, you could set-up a Classification Code for the Bill Record like BW for Billable Work and link it to a Billing Code of BW. When a new Bill Record is added and BW is typed in the Classification Code field, the BW Bill Code will be automatically selected.  

If this information is not helpful, please let us know how billing records are entered in your office. Some offices prefer to bill from their calendars and supporting records, some prefer the Timesheet. Many of my clients prefer to use the Daily Calendar View to track their Calendar and Supporting Records that have been billed (and not Billed).

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