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No GL entry on reconciled transactions!

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Micah Salb Posted: Tue, Oct 2 2007 5:02 AM

Uh oh.  I can't Post my transactions because I have a whole bunch of checks that do not have GL entries!  They would have had GL entries when they were created.  The problem is that I can't edit the transaction to fix it.  They are reconciled, but even if I un-reconcile I still can't edit the transaction.

Is there a way to edit these transactions (or do I have to get tech support)?

By the way, we are using version 9.


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It is not necessarily true thah "they would have had GL entries when they were created" as you can save entries without a debit to an expense account.
The only way I know of to fix is to unreconcile the transactions, delete or void them and then re-enter them. Post the new transactions and then reconcile.


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If I understand the problem, you are trying to post your transactions using the Payables GL Distribution report, but no GL distributions are assigned.  If this is the case, you should be able to go to the accounts payable entries that for each of the checks and edit the gl distribution.

If you use check express to print checks, it automatically creates accounts payable entries for each check so there should be an entry for each check that you are trying to post.

Summary: Go to Accounting>Accounts Payable List >All Accounts Payable Items, locate the using the date and vendor, edit the entry.


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