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How are partial payments allocated on the Receipt Allocation Report

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seaves Posted: Mon, Oct 8 2007 7:23 PM

We are having trouble determining how partial payments are allocated to staff (for fees) in the Receipt Allocation Report. We are interested purely in receipt allocations (not percentages for originating staff, finders fees, etc.)


On the Program Level, the receipt allocation method is set to Fees = Staff, and Expenses = Bill Code.


On each Matter, we have an Originating Staff and a Responsible Staff, however, we have not assigned any percentages to either staff (because we're not tracking Fee Allocation, only Receipt Allocation).  On the AR tab for Billing Preferences, we have Payment Allocation Order set to: Expenses, Fees, Interest (Oldest Invoice first).


The question we need to be able to answer is: How are partial payments allocated among the staff who have billed on a matter?   Is it a percentage of the total amount billed by each staff member?


Any insight into this function would be greatly appreciated.


Sandy Eaves

Beaumont, TX

TM/BM+ 7.0

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