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Multiple Books At Log In Screen

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Scott Tidmore Posted: Thu, Feb 5 2009 11:15 PM
Hello! We had a problem with our network during a workstation PCLaw update. We uninstalled PCLaw, and reinstalled it. When we did this, we now have two set of books, both pulling from the same database, showing up on the login screen. We would like to remove one of them. Can anyone give us instructions on how to remove one of these duplicates? Thanks in advance! KST
K. S. Tidmore IT Service Carrollton, Georgia
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Thank you for re-posting your question to the forum with the appropriate information of your name, city and state.

You can remove the reference to that duplicate set by browsing your computer and going to the Program Files installation.  The default location would be Program Files\LexisNexis\PClaw32\LocalData folder.

Locate the pclaw.cfg file, right click on it and select copy and then right click and select Paste to make a backup.  Double click on pclaw.cfg to open it using Windows Notepad.

You will see sections in brackets for [Books-0] and [Books-99] - those are okay.

[Books-1] will have your correct data information.  The duplicate is probably called [Books-2].  If you see that, just put a semi-colon (;) in front of it so it looks like this ;[Books-2].

Close the file and save it.
When you start PCLaw, you should only see one set of books.

Cindy Emmerson, Premier CIC/Moderator Affinity Consulting Group

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Thank you for your reply Ms Cindy. This worked. However, for the benefit of others, I'd like to tell you what I found. I had two pclaw.cfg files. One was where you indicated it would be. The other was in c:\Program Files\Lexis Nexis\PCLAW\LOCALDATA. I'm not sure if the update put it there, or if there was just some sort of glitch. When I changed the pclaw.cfg file there, the problem went away Thank you again for your reply. You helped solve this issue for us! KST
K. S. Tidmore IT Service Carrollton, Georgia
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