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Auto Select Options Added to MC Variable?

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AdoptNeed Posted: Fri, Feb 6 2009 7:39 PM
This may be a dumb question, but if you use a REPEATing dialog to populate a Multiple Choice variable's options (and the "Select All That Apply" property is set), is there a way to force EACH of those options to have the "Automatically select this option if variable is unanswered when displayed" property checked also on the Options Tab? Or can you only get them all selected if the variable is asked in the interview and the user manually checks them all? (I'm wondering if it's a dumb question because: How can the MC variable be "unanswered" if it's been populated with one or more options? I guess the "answer" is making selections, not the options themselves, but I sometimes miss the obvious in an effort to avoid making assumptions.) Actually, I guess my question is if is there a way to bypass making the user manually select all of the options that have been put there by a REPEATing dialog, and not even ask the MC variable in the interview? All I'm really after is collecting data from two or three REPEATing dialogs, and using the MC variable (or something) to punctuate the list generated from those REPEATed dialogs. Right now, the only two options I see are using the MC variable's ability to punctuate --- and stay intact while floating through REPEATed dialogs --- or Nesting the REPEATed dialogs within each other, and that seems likely to foul up what I'm shooting for. Thanks!
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There is a way to set the value of an MC variable and never even display it.  Rather than using the CLEAR and ADD option, you can make use a punctuation format to effectively insert a pipe "|" and you need to make sure the MC variable is multiple select.

SET TR Trustees MS TO "John Smith|Sally Smith|Jane Mansfield"


FORMAT "a|b|c"

OR ... as long as you are doing that, why don't you create a computation that gives you the result with formatting you are looking for.


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AdoptNeed replied on Thu, Mar 19 2009 6:01 AM
Thanks again, Seth! As it turned out, the solution to the problem evolved here, with Bart Earle's suggestions: Thanks!
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