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Default Billing Settings

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Lisa Elliot Posted: Wed, Feb 18 2009 8:19 PM
I have one client out of around 300 that always prints out two copies of a bill when I generate a bill for them. Since their bill is generally around 60 pages long, this is a waste of paper when I only need one copy. I can't find a setting where it says to print two copies. Can anyone help? I am using PC Law Pro 9.20(f). Thanks.

Lisa Elliot, Pink Larkin Halifax, Nova Scotia

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In PCLaw, go to File > Printer Setup > Bills.  Go to the Properties of that printer and locate the page count, change it there.

Cindy Emmerson, Premier CIC/Moderator Affinity Consulting Group

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When I go to print properties, it says one copy. If it were in the print properties, would it be the same for all clients? This is only one client it is happening with.

Lisa Elliot, Pink Larkin Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Another possible reason is that if you are using custom fields, and if on the custom field page it specifies a link to a billing template, the bill will print once for the default template for the matter and once for the template specified on the custom fields page.

John Heckman

John Heckman 372 Fifth St. Jersey City, NJ 07302 201 792-0022

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That is exactly what it was. This is the only client I use the custom fields for, and one of the matters had an associated bill template listed in the custom fields. Thank you very much!!

Lisa Elliot, Pink Larkin Halifax, Nova Scotia

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