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Archiving event records when part of a chain

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Janice Posted: Fri, May 15 2009 5:57 PM

I am trying to archive records earlier than a certain date.  When I attempt to do this, I get this message:

One or more of the tagged records were not processed because they were part of a chain.  Chained records must be unchained before they can be processed. 

As I look at the events that were not archived, they are multi-day conferences that were linked together.  Is there a way to somehow unlink all of the chained records or do I have to manually archive each records (of which there are hundreds)?

Thanks in advance.


Janice McGarry Colman Knight Advisory Group Carlisle, MA 01741 TM 7 Enterprise
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Hi Janice,

It sounds as though you are using TM9. This is a change that was made with version 9. You will need to Unchain the Chain before you can Archive the Records. To find the chain go to Calendar > Schedule Chains and use the Search to find your Chain. Once found, highlight the Chain you want to Unchain and click on the Delete (red X). You will be prompted with two choices. Select: UnChain the Chain and leave the individual Records as separate entries. Now you will have your normal options to Archive Records that were initially part of the Chain. I hope this helps.


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Sorry to ressurect this thread.  I have the same problem and when I when to Calendar > Schedule Chains - searched for all those for 01/01/2006 - 12/31/2006 - nothing came up.  I know i have them still in the calendar because when I search events they still show up.  When I try to Archive them I get the same message.

thanks for your help.


Jason Parker CentriX Disability Management Services Vancouver, BC TM9 Pro SR3B Vista Home
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I think you need to include the base date of the chain and not the date of the individual element.  I would think that selecting by Matter might be more effective than date. Hope that helps.

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