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Steven McLean Posted: Mon, May 18 2009 11:00 PM
Does anyone have any information when and if we can expect to see a "true" SQL (Client Server) version without the c-tree layer, and server-side processing implemented?


Steven McLean

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Brampton, ON

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Well, your question effectively answers why I didn't notice much improvement when our firm upgraded to the SQL version.
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I have installed two full versions of PCLaw SQL, one processed only from the MSSQL server 2005 and the second from the MSSQL Server 2003 with a MSTerminal sevices provider using VPN's for service distribution nationally. We have experienced a few minor issues in version 9.3x but speed and performance is not one of them.  It has been a positive experience in place since June 2009. We are finalizing training next week for all users and we will be conducting spot question periods until the go-live October 1 when the old program is retired.(no pun intended).

What sort of issues are you experiencing that no change was noticed, their is so much one can do for speed etc.


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Does anyone know if pclaw 10 is a true SQL version
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Mark Deal replied on Thu, Oct 8 2009 10:17 PM
We have implemented this in the following environment: SQL Server 2008 running on Windows Server 2008. Quad Processors, 16 Gb of RAM. The PCLaw SQL database is less than 350 Mb in size. This server has the networked PCLaw data on it and SQL Server...that's it! Our client is running bills today. When he generates his bills, he ends up with a stack of invoices about 12 inches tall. The billing process will take approximately 12 hours to run today. That is not a typo, twelve hours. Oh, and it blazes along this fast whether it is running on the server directly or from a workstation. No anti-virus software running on the server and the entire server is excluded from AV scanning. FWIW, it ran like this prior to moving to SQL during the upgrade to version 10. He purchased the new server just to speed up this process. Is this normal?

Mark Deal (CIC/Moderator)
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FWIW, are there any embedded graphics on the Invoice template?

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Mark Deal replied on Thu, Oct 8 2009 11:31 PM
Thought I would share a quote from my client: "If you are asking if there is anything other than words on our invoice templates, the answer is no. We have no graphics or logo or funny pictures or scary pictures or pictures of Obama or pictures of me or anything like that. Steve wanted to include kittens but I voted that down."

Mark Deal (CIC/Moderator)
Document & Data Solutions, LLC
TMTools, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia
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12 inches of paper is about 3000 sheets (6 reams) max, probably much less once it's been printed.

Even if you're running 3000 separate bills in 12 hours, that's still between 4 and 5 seconds per bill.  If most of those are 2 page bills, that's 8-10 seconds per bill.  I can only compare to the non sql version myself, but that seems extraordinarily slow.

How long does it take you to run a known number of invoices, i.e. 10 bills?

How much customization do your bills have?


Erik Hammarlund

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