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Faxes: Incoming & Outgoing;

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Jeffrey R. Mazor Posted: Sat, Aug 15 2009 8:14 PM


Incoming faxes. I'd like to stop using my old Winfax type program and start receiving my few incoming faxes (three or four a day) as email attachments, preferably already PDF'd. Can anyone tell me what features to look for or what program would be good for this?

Outgoing faxes. What is the simplist TimeMatters way to send faxes directly from our computers without having to use the fax machine?

Thank you any advice you can provide.

Jeffrey R. Mazor, Esq.

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Jeffrey R. Mazor, Esq. J. R. Mazor & Associates, P.A. 4000 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 265 South Hollywood, FL 33021 Phone: 954-962-3500 eMail:

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As to your incoming faxes; your answer may be as simple as looking to yout fax machine capabilities.

For example, my fax machine is a Brother MFC 8840DN (networked) and it allows you to program a designated email account (I created an email account of "" for simplicity sake). When it receives faxes it emails them to the fax number's email account and also prints out the fax as normal (You disable the printout as well). .

So when incoming faxes come in, I receive an email with the incoming fax attached as a TIF file ad . having previously designated Acrobat as my TIF program, I open the TIF file up and then "TM Save" it from Acrobat to the appropriate matter as a PDF.

As for outgoing faxes, my Brother MFC comes with fax software that allows me to fax directly from my computer programs to the networked fax machine (Technicaly by installing a fax Print Driver)/. .

As for the fax confirmations, I have not looked into whether you can recieve the fax confirmation as a TIF.


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Our firm uses the built in fax capabilities of Server 2003 to handle incoming and outgoing faxes. With outgoing faxes, you simply print the document (any application that can print works) to the fax machine and it asks for recipient information. You can create special fax cover sheets if you want. Once the fax succeeds or fails in sending, an email is sent to the sender which advises status and can include a copy of the fax as sent. With incoming faxes, they're stored on a network folder that the responsible person simply TM Saves to the matter. I setup a trigger that when a new document classified as FAX is saved, a message is sent to everyone on the team. Good luck!
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Thank you both.  My fax machine is old and too basic, but I'll check out that Server  2003 feature. I have SBS 2003.

Jeffrey R. Mazor, Esq. J. R. Mazor & Associates, P.A. 4000 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 265 South Hollywood, FL 33021 Phone: 954-962-3500 eMail:

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More and more of our clients are moving this need to online services. Here is a listing of these types of services - I don't know how accurate these ratings are ... I am posting only because it lists the major players in the market, as I know it. We use and like it very much. We use it mainly for the receipt of email, not sending. But, when I have used it for sending, it has been easy. You will have some ROI comparison work to do to see if this type of service makes sense economically. Receiving is generally free, while there is a cost for sending. A lot depends on your volume of out-going faxes. You should also consider that you may have to change your fax number and all that entails. You are in a geographic area that will have local numbers - when we started using MaxEmail they didn't have Raleigh/Cary numbers, so our fax is a Chicago number. It doesn't really matter to us in that over 95% of our business is outside the state of North Carolina, but I would imagine it matters to a law firm. Finally, you do have to have scanning capabilities for signed documents and other originals. Good luck.

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