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Client trust fund balances in Matter: AR: Funds tab

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Duy Thai Posted: Wed, Sep 30 2009 4:24 AM
On the Matter record AR tab, Funds sub-tab, I can see various client trust fund transactions listed. However, under the Balance column, all I see are zeroes. Is it supposed to show the current balance of trust funds belonging to this client? What does "Balance" mean in this column and is there a way for me to show a revolving balance of trust funds for this client? Thank you in advance for any guidance.
Duy Thai San Francisco TM/BM+
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To the left of those 0 fields you will see a drop down list with Aging as the choice.  This means that the amounts displayed are the aged accounts received balances.  Click on the down arrow and you will see Funds as the next choice.  Select this and the funds balance for that matter will display.
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No, the balance column on the AR tab is for two things; unapplied payments, (payments not applied to bills) and unpaid bills, (invoices with outstanding balances). The trust information is NOT a running balance. There are a couple of reports for balances and activity by matter. And the aging dropdown to funds will show what the fund balances are currently. If you choose to run the fund balances by matter with an 'as of' date, don't forget to check the box to 'show if zero balance'. Otherwise those matters will be skipped even if they HAD a balance as of the date selected.

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