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Exchange Configuraton Sync

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Scott Shuttleworth Posted: Tue, Oct 6 2009 1:44 AM
I have setup Exchange hosting at GoDaddy.Com.

Under User Sync Form in the Exchange Synchronization I have the following:

Username =  Complete email address

Password = confirmed password

Domain = Client's Domain where exchange server setup


Email Address = complete email address. 

I can paste the URL address in a brower and get right to the web login screen with the user name populated. 

However, when I test the sync I get an error 404 - timeout.Any ideas? 

If not, what exchange host providers has anyone used with luck?


Scott Shuttleworth
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If it's a hosted exchange I believe the problem is most likely with communication to that "domain" - I believe that TM expects the domain to be an NTLM domain, and not an Internet domain. Have you tried leaving the domain field blank?

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KHarper replied on Tue, Oct 6 2009 5:40 PM
This topic intrigues me; I had thought that the Exchange Server synchronization was limited to Exchange Server running on the same server as TM.  Is this not the case?

If Exchange Server synch can synch to "hosted" servers (for example, I use 4smartphone for push email), does that mean I could set up Exchange Server synch for my contacts, events and to dos so my 4smartphone account has all that information?
Kurt Harper Attorney Wichita, KS
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