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Re: Billing: Write-Offs

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John Heckman Posted: Fri, Jul 28 2006 1:26 AM
  For (a) - No Charge, show entry, the simplest way is to change the amount to zero. This has the advantage from the client's point of view that they are "getting something for nothing."
  For (b) - delete an entry - you say this is a request on a pre-bill. If indeed it is a pre-bill, it has not been written to the GL and not finalized, therefore you can simply delete the entry (edit | Remove).
 For (c) - reduce the hours. you can simply reduce the hours. Sometimes I have clients put the full time (e.g., 5 hrs) in the narrative and show that 2 were billed. Again, on the "something for nothing" principle. PCLaw 7 does not reflect the reduced hours at this time.

On the request where the attorney wants to assign the hours to Never Never Land. Reading between the lines, I gather they are trying to document inefficiency (and you know what comes next). For tracking poor use of time possibly in various matters, indeed you might what to set up a new "client" and then have each timekeeper as a "matter" under that client. Thus all questionable time could be moved there from whatever other matter and would be easily available. You might also want to put in the narrative "From 0897-001" to indicate what the original matter was before the time was reassigned to the time tracking matter.

John Heckman TM/BM / PCLaw CIC Heckman Consulting Jersey City, NJ
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