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Windows 7

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Jason Parker Posted: Sun, Nov 1 2009 11:10 PM

Hello everyone,

Tried a search on a topic on Windows 7 and was unsuccessful.  Has anyone upgraded to Windows 7 and more  importantly has anyone had any problems with TM9 or TM10.



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As I am sure that you are aware, Windows 7 is not officially supported by LN at this time. I am sure it will be added in the near future.

I would never suggest a client run a mission critical business application in an unsupported environment. Having said that I am sure there are consultants with Windows 7.  I suggest to wait a while for an official release.


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I have TIme Matters 10 running on Windows 7. I did have some issues gettng the private driver installed but once that was resolved everything appears to be running smoothly.

That said, I concur with Matt that it is best to run a critical application on a supported system. If you do run on Windows 7 it is helpful if you have another system running a supported operating system. That way, if there's a problem you can determine if it is related to Windows 7 and get help as appropriate.


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I've been running TM with various Windows 7 beta-builds on a network of 25+ machines since June. I've upgraded all of them to Windows 7 Professional, RTM, and have yet to experience any issues that I didn't experience with XP (i.e. it still freezes and hangs sometimes) hope that helps!

Rachel Leibowitz

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tigeman replied on Fri, Nov 13 2009 4:08 PM

I am have been running time matters 9 enterprise on windows seven and the only issue I have found is in word 2007. When I use the time matters save, it will almost always crash word, the thing i find interesting if I go through the developers tab and go into macros and then double click the time matters save macro it will work.

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I have TM/BM 8E on four client computers running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, as well as earlier on the Release Candidate and a trial of Enterprise. The PCs have ranged from a three year old Compaq laptop with 1.5 gig of memory to a new and powerful machine. Remarkable stability improvement for TM. Whereas TM on XP would crash several times a day under load (with a lot of programs running simultaneously), on the same machine running XP, it has not crashed in weeks, and maybe twice total on any of the machines running variosu iterations of Windows 7. For me, it fixed the problem of TM stability.

There are some functionality issues, at least for TM 8. First, I could never get it to install on the 32 bit version of Win 7, so I don't know how that version handles TM. Second, the TM pdf drivers don't work in Win 7 64, so when I create an invoice in BM it does not create a PDF record. When I do bills, I run a TM/BM in Virtual XP mode, which functions well enough. A bit cumbersome, and more so if you don't have an unused license available at the time. Also, you can't create a pdf from a Word document when you right click on the Document in a Matter list.

Otherwise, I have had a very positive experience with Win 7 64.

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I have Windows 7 and TM10 running on all my computers (server runs on Windows Home Server software). Server is x64, my computer is x64, and others are x32. Everything runs fine except desktop extensions.

Also, in TM10, when I do a document TM Save As, if I put a period in the description, it erases the auto naming convention. But if I remove period it goes back to normal.


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